HISTORYKermen Building

The company ATES was founded by Okan Eryurek in 2001. In june 2001 the first factory ATES Ltd was opened in Kermen. There was held a mass personal training: from administrative to technical and working staff. At that time «ВЕСТ»Ltd – later renamed to «СЕ Борднетце-България» («СЕБН БГ») – was the ATES Ltd only client.




KermenObshta At first the flow process consisted only from Gathering and Supervision.Later preprocessing SKT, Hose cutting, Cabling, Welding, Welding insulation were placed in operation. In 2007 production had expanded and the factory was moved into Sliven to a completely new building, with an advanced infrastructure. Many new projects were launched. From 2001 to 2007 the number of workers rose from 151 to 643 people. A new Quality Control System was put on. In 2007 ATES Ltd was ISO 9001:2000 certified by DQS GmbH and from then on the company continues to improve its Quality Control System.